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  • Placement Galore
      • Founded 1996
      • Employees 40000+
      • Turnover $2.07 Billion
      • Founded 1993
      • Employees 2690+
      • Turnover $0.95 Billion
      • Founded 1990
      • Employees 20000+
      • Turnover $1.2 Billion
      • Founded 1985
      • Employees 78000+
      • Turnover $13.54 Billion
      • Founded 1993
      • Employees 2600+
      • Turnover $100 Million
      • Founded 1940
      • Employees 29000+
      • Turnover $3 Billion

  • Testimonials
    • GM (HR)
      We appreciate the efforts of our Management, Faculty & Staff for grooming their students to the best of industry standards, which have let us recruit exorbitant talent.
    • HR
      I would thank Pratap University for assistance throughout the campus placement process. I am impressed with the professionalism & the knowledge of students.
    • Vandana
      Pratap University has provided me with great knowledge and a lot of wonderful experiences.

      B.Tech (EC)
    • Kartik Malik
      Engineering needs education with optimism. Pratap University cherish that on part of faculties & students.

      B.Tech. (CS)
    • Manish Awasthi
      • Project Manager
    • Mahendra Pratap Singh
      • Lead Engineer

  • Important Links
      • University Level Scholarships
      • Cash Awards
      • Certificate of Merit along with a medal given annually to eligible students
    • To recruit talent at Pratap University we would request you to kindly download our placement brochure. Download
    • Pratap University takes noble initiative for the health & safety of its students. Health of our students is our core priority.
    • Pratap University requests all two wheeler riders (both driver & pillion-rider) to wear Helmet. "Driving is not an art, Safety is."
    • Anti-Ragging is curbed through our Special Committee which is available 24x7 for student help & also informs about the Government Anti-Ragging Policy.
  • Academics
    • Dr. Surinder Kapur, MD, Sona Auto Group
    • Seminar on English by Mr. N. S. Bissa
    • Mr. Neeraj, HR Head, Sukam
      Mr. Neeraj updated our students about the upcoming technologies, future plans of Sukam & the way our students could join & help the company in its future endeavours.
    • Mr. Puneet Pandey, Director-HR, HCL (10/08/2013)
      Mr. Puneet gave information to our students about the recruiting culture at HCL, how the employees succeeded in their life goals working at HCL.
    • Student on an industrial visit to Dainik Bhasker press
    • Industrial Visit to Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Limited
    • (15.08.2014) Independence Day Celebration

    • (05.09.2014) Teacher’s Day Celebration

    • (24.09.2014) Fresher’s Day Celebration

    • (31.10.2014) Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

  • Training
    • We tieup with industry-oriented trainers in order to promote latest technological innovations amongst our students
    • HP has trained our numerous students in Open Source & patented technologies through their Academia Programs.
    • JBM is one of the largest automotive technology company catering to the needs of top listed companies. JBM Group has authorized Pratap University to train & recruit Pratap University students on its manufacturing facilities.
    • Oracle being one of the largest technology provider across the world, has recruited & trained our students under its technology programs.
    • Pratap University keeps pace with new & upcoming technological innovations to train & prepare its students for the new opportunities in industrial arena. Our Android program is a step ahead.
    • Apple Inc. being one of the most creative & innovative technology companies, has developed some of the ruling products. We encourage our students to take part in training programs & keep pace with the ever emerging technological innovations.
    • Human Robot Interaction & Service Robotics including work on the integration of speech, language, vision & action; programming service robots, are our training objectives for Robotics Education.
    • The research in robotics & embedded systems impacts a broad spectrum of applications, including assistance, training & rehabilitation, education & environmental monitoring. Our students are well-trained in Embedded Systems.
  • Achievements
    • Reliance Jio Infocomm
      Mr. R.V. Balasubramaniam Iyer, Vice President (Reliance Jio Infocomm) announced Pratap University as the nodal center for training & hiring of JIO Professionals.
    • Brahmos Day Celebration
      Shri Bharat Kishore Pandey, Alumni, Mechanical Engineering, awarded the "YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD" by his excellency Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, in New Delhi.
  • Campus
    • Fresher Party
      The Freshers Welcome party is an opportunity for new students to connect to their seniors, perform their best talents and create a life lasting bond with their seniors.
    • Sifalri (Annual Fest)
      The most rocking event of Pratap University by the students and for the students is organized with sports, talent hunt, Robotics, Coding and designing competitions, ending with performance by prominent personalities.
    • The Campus
      Pratap University Campus has an aura that fosters creativity, embeds innovation and provides a platform to share and expand knowledge.
    • Cafetaria
      Cafetaria in the midst of natural greenery with beautiful view of flowers, has served not only delicious recipies, but the memories of the most notorious friendships, the long tea topics and discussions.
    • Hostel
      Decent stay & hygienic food with best possible learning environment serve to the students as their most beloved residence during their wonderful years at the university campus.
    • Transport
      Transport facilities for students & faculty members is available from the Pratap University campus to most of the locations.

    Paper Title - A Study of Processing Model and Different Application Aspects of Agricultural Image Processing

    Published in AIJRFANS, Issue 5, Volume 1, pp. 105-109, December-2013 to February-2014 : Mr. Srinath Tailor

    Paper on - Comparative analysis of software cost and effort estimation methods: a review

    Published in International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing (IJCSMC, April-2014). Mrs. Poonam Rijwani

    An Efficient and Computationally Effective Random Valued Impulse Noise Detector

    2013 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI) IEEE, Aug. 22-25, SJCE, Mysore, India, pp. 1787-1792, 2013. : Mr. B. Singhawat & Saroj K. Meher

    Methods for transmission line fault location

    Published in " International Journal For Technological Research In Engineering", Volume 2, Issue 9, May-2015 ISSN (Online): 2347-4718 By Mr. Vinay K Gupta, Mr. Pawan Kumar Sunda, Mr. Sanjay Mittal, Department of Electrical Engineering, Pratap University, Jaipur

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