Industrial Visit to Larsen and Toubro Plant

  • Brief Report of Industrial Visit on 25.02.2015

  • L&T – Solar Power Plant, Phagi, Jaipur

  • The students of EE & ECE were visited Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited on 25.02.15. This Solar power plant is near a village Phagi Distt. Jaipur. The RRECL is maintained by L & T Company.The students are observing some points in the power plant:-
  • The Key points are :-
  • "The capacity of the plant is 1MW, but due to variation of sun radiation on that day itwasgenerating 643KW."
  • "The mounting arrangement of solar plate is fixed and tilts at 26."
  • "Two inverters are used for converting to DC to AC voltage and power of each Inverter s 500MW and 3 phase output with frequency of 50 HZ."
  • "In that power plants during the day some of the energy they generating was being used by themselves and supply to JVVNL."
  • "The module that are used in plant is PV module type made by Multi crystalline silicon and the physical dimension of module is: Length of frame:1667 mm, Width of frame: 1000 mm, thickness of frame:33 mm"
  • "The students understand about the DC field, ACB Panel, HT Panel, SCADA Architecture, Inverter, Weather monitoring station and Measuring Instruments for atmosphere parameter and Transformer."
  • We are attached some photograph during solar plant visit:
  • Fig.1 & 2 Students observe & measure the parameter in HT Panel of Solar Power Plant

  • Fig.3 Students see the transformer of Rating 630 KVA

  • Fig. 4 Students observe the Weather Monitoring station

  • Fig. 5 & 6 Instructor describe the working of Junction Box

  • Fig. 7 & 8 Faculty describe the working of solar plate or Module

  • Fig .9 Group photo of Pratap University,Jaipur Students and Faculty In Solar Power Plant Phagi

  • Students learned about the solar plate, control panel, inverter, and distribution of power etc. The students also learned effective factor of generation of power by solar plant.
  • S.No. Students Strength Remark
    1 EE 31 List Attached with the Proposal file of Dept.
    2 ECE 21 List Attached with the Proposal file of Dept.
    3 Mass Comm. (EE) 01 Mr. Gaurav Sharma
    4 Faculty (EE) 03 1. Mr. Vinay K Gupta (Asstt. Prof.)
    2. Mr. Sanjay Mittal (Asstt. Prof.)
    3. Mr. Pawan Kr Sunda (M.Tech Scholar & TA)
    5 Faculty (ECE) 04 1. Mr. Abhinandan Jain (HOD, ECE)
    2. Ms. Pratiksha Katiyar (Asstt. Prof.)
    3. Ms. Mahima Asthna (Asstt. Prof.)
    4. Ms. Monika kiroriwal (Asstt. Prof.)
  • Total Strength- 60

  • Finally, I would like to thank all higher authorities and administration of Pratap University for giving us permission because without your kind support trip could not be a successful trip. I would like to thank all students for maintaining interest and discipline during both visits. In future our department will try to continue this practice so the students get benefited with industrial exposure with the academics.
  • Mr. Pawan Kr Sunda
    Visit Coordinator
    Department of Electrical Engineering
    Pratap University, Jaipur

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